7 Best Fifty Inch TVs for Homes

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What’s the best 50 inch TV? Find out with our reviews of the best fifty inch tvs

Product reviews of the best fifty inch tvs

After spending more than 100 hundred hours testing over 30 different 50-inch TV models, we can confidently say that the the Hisense widescreen 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV is the best 50-Inch TV.

It offers 4K Ultra HD resolution, has direct LED lighting, allows multimedia playback via DLNA or USB, and is compatible with Smart TV platforms including Netflix and Amazon 4k services.

However, if you came here looking for the best 3D 50-inch TV, the LG 50LF652V 50-Inch Smart TV gets our nod.

Apart from offering LG’s latest WebOS 2.0, it offers plenty of input options, supports internet connectivity via Wi-Fi, and provides Amazon Video, Netflix, Google Play Movies, and NOWTV out of the box.


Hisense 50-Inch Widescreen 4kUltra HD Smart LED TV – 100%


Though astronomically priced, the Hi’Sense 50-inch has a solid feature-set.

It offers native 4K UHD resolution, supports multimedia input via USB or DLNA, and its platform is compatible with streaming services including Netflix and Amazon.

To justify its price tag, HiSense has included four HDMI ports, two of which will play 4K UHD display.

You can also connect it to Wi-Fi to explore HiSense’s collection of online apps and content, where you could find Netflix, Amazon, and BBC iPlayer – all in 4K streams.

However, the processor behind the Hisense isn’t that powerful, which means switching between the TV’s smart menus and features can be a tad slow.

On the upside, its remote control has plenty of useful buttons, like fine-tuning white balance, activating/deactivating motion processing and noise–reduction systems, and increasing/decreasing the screen’s backlight.

Finally, the picture quality of the HiSense is also impressive, with its dynamic contrast system making sure that the jumps in brightness between scenes are minimal, which means fewer distractions.


  • Native 4K UHD resolution
  • Impressive dynamic contrast system
  • Built-in apps for Netflix, Amazon, and BBC iPlayer
  • A multitude of input options
  • Audio is average


LG 50LF652V Smart 50 Inch TV with web OS Review – 100%


Apart from offering videos in 3D quality, the LG Smart TV offers Wi-Fi capability, includes an ultra-clarity index to streamline the image quality, allows you to watch TV with battery-free 3D images.

We especially liked that this TV allowed you to watch movies in 3D. We also liked the Wi-Fi capability.

Similar to the Samsung 50MU6172, connecting to the internet was pretty easy. The 4K Display resulted in bright clear images.

However, we didn’t enjoy the response time with the WebOS as it takes quite a bit of time to load.

Also, during our testing phase, the TV showed Wi-Fi disconnectivity problems.


  • You can watch movies in 3D
  • Good picture and image quality
  • Ultra-Clarity Index
  • Wi-Fi disconnectivity problems


Panasonic TX-50EX700B 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV – 94%


We immediately noticed the color and contrast of the images on the Panasonic TX-50EX700B.

The picture quality was good and the images were crisp and clear.

The fact that you can easily connect to the internet and stream movies and videos is yet another thing we enjoyed with this TV.

However, the sound quality came out as a bit weak. We also didn’t like the recording facility as it wasn’t the best.


  • Good crisp images
  • Easily connects to the internet
  • Audio isn’t that great


Samsung MU6100 50-Inch SMART Ultra HD TV Review – 94%


As soon as we turned on the TV we were struck by the brightness and sheer color contrast detail of the Samsung MU6100.

It also has the Samsung Smart Hub which, provided you have smart home devices at your place, would allow you to control all of them from one place.

One main drawback was the aerial fitting which was a bit too tight and required some effort to push it in.

The base was also not very high quality and looked like it could break easily.


  • Good picture quality
  • Connects to different devices
  • Has Samsung Smart Hub
  • Base isn’t sturdy


Samsung UE50KU6000 50 Inch UHD HDR Smart LED TV – 90%


Like the Philips 50PUS6262, the Samsung UE50KU6000 has an impressive picture and sound quality.

It is partly due to the HDR or high dynamic range feature which this comes built-in inside this TV.

Another feature which attracted our attention was the ease of installation of this TV, as we were able to get it up and running within a matter of minutes.

On the flipside, the TV is not compatible with Bluetooth and you only get a standard remote control.

We also noted that the screen turns black for less than a second every now and then which can be a bit annoying.


  • Easy installation
  • Good quality imaging and sound
  • Offers High Dynamic Range
  • Isn’t Bluetooth compatible


Hisense 50-Inch H50M3300 4K Smart TV Review – 90%


We were instantly hooked by the picture clarity of the Hisense H50M3300.

We liked the smart TV feature as we could easily stream movies from Netflix, BBCiPlayer, and YouTube.

We also liked the sound quality from the built-in soundbar, which produces enough sound for a large-sized living room.

The main downside that we noted is that images that are non-HD are not very appealing.

Also, it doesn’t have too many built-in smart apps.


  • Good picture quality
  • Good sound quality
  • Very few built-in smart apps


Philips 50PUS6262 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV – 88%


Apart from offering Internet connectivity via Wi-Fi, the Philips 50PUS6262 features a 4K Ultra-HD display for clear and crisp image quality.

Also, while it doesn’t come with a built-in soundbar like the HiSense H50M33000, its sound quality is also pretty nice with plenty of bass.

That said, there is one particular drawback which we noticed with this model.

That is, it doesn’t have a power-saving option even when you leave it turned on for hours without tinkering with it.

So, you’d have to manually turn it down to save energy.


  • Clear and crisp images
  • Internet Connectivity via Wi-Fi
  • 4K Ultra HD display
  • Becomes unresponsive when left on standby


Samsung 50MU6172 Smart TV Review – 88%


Similar to the Samsung UE50KU6000, we liked the fact that the 50MU6172 smart tv comes with high dynamic range or HDR as TV enthusiasts know it.

It is also Wi-Fi compatible which means you don’t have to plug in an ethernet cable to start streaming on this TV.

On the downside, and while this TV doesn’t have many of them, the fact that its weight is 19.5kg makes it heavy for a Smart TV.


  • 4K display created clear images
  • Features high dynamic range
  • Heavy


Hisense H50N6800 50 Inch HD Smart TV Review – 86%


As a result of its HDR technology, the Hisense H50N6800 offers clear and grain-free image quality which you’d notice the moment you turn it on for the first time.

Equally impressive is its feature which it allows the connection of Blu-ray player via HDMI or plays movies through USB.

The sound quality was clear and unlike the Panasonic TX-50EX700B, it wasn’t too small.

However, we didn’t like that the TV wasn’t the easiest to set up.


  • Clear crisp images
  • Good sound quality
  • Can connect Blu-ray player via HDMI
  • Not easy to install


Hitachi 50 Inch Freeview Play Smart TV Review – 80%


What we instantly liked about the Hitachi 50-inch tv was that it was Wi-Fi enabled.

This allowed us to easily connect to the internet and find great shows. The large display provides decent picture quality and you are also likely to get impressed with the ease of installation of this device.

Unlike the Samsung UE50KU6000, however, which offers 4K display, the Hitachi 50 inch is Full HD, which means it offers a slightly lower resolution.


  • Easy to set up
  • Large display with good picture quality
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Only has 2 HDMI ports


Frequently asked questions

What 50-Inch TV Is the Best? Why Is It the Best?

The Samsung UE50MU6120KXXU UHD TV is the best 50-inch TV.

It is Ultra HD certified – which means you enjoy clear and crisp images and color quality, has HDR or high dynamic range, allows the connection of compatible devices i.e. tablet or smartphone while also allowing you to use your mobile phone as its remote control.

What Sort of Price Range Is There for a 50-Inch TV?

Depending on quality and model, the prices of 50 -inch TVs vary widely.

You will find TVs from as low as £350 to well over £2,000.

What Sort of Options Are Available on These TVs? What Should I Look for When Buying?

Here are the things you need to keep in mind while searching for a TV:


With TVs, you have the option of LCD screens which use LEDs or light emitting diodes to provide light for the screen. Because of this feature, they can be quite thin. OLED screens are the second type of TVs that use LEDs at the pixel level to produce stunning images with excellent contrast.

For TVs that use OLED technology, you will find a modern trend where the TV screen is curved. You can also find this feature on 4K LCD screens.

Size and Viewing Distance

The second thing you will want to consider when getting a TV is the size. This is also the first thing that catches your eye when you are out shopping. Consider the size of your living room as well as the number of people watching the TV at the same time. Larger, however, is always better.

How close you will be sitting to the TV is important. The closer you get the more likely you are to see the pixels. Keep the size of your living room in mind to determine the viewing distance from the TV.


The resolution is yet another important consideration. Here you will get HD TVs that have 720p which can be translated to 720 horizontal lines on the screen. Full HD have 1080p and Ultra HD, also known as 4K TVs, have 2160p. Obviously, 4K produces far better-quality images that both Full HD or HD TVs.

A feature that is seen on 4K TVs is HDR or High dynamic range. It refers to the TVs ability to provide more brightness, more colors and thus better-quality images. Not all 4K TVs have HDR so it’s a good idea to look out for this.

Refresh Rates

Refresh rate means the number of times an image on the screen is, well, refreshed. This number is expressed in Hertz(Hz) and is normally between 60Hz to more than 120Hz in the best-performing TVs. A lower refresh rate could result in a jittery image especially when the image is moving fast on screen.

HDMI Ports

You will need HDMI ports to connect to other devices such as a soundbar or game console. This is why it is important to have as many HDMI ports as possible on your TV as these get used up pretty quick. Look for a minimum of at least 3 HDMI ports for the best TV experience.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Such a Big TV?


  • Large Images for an Enhanced Entertainment Experience
  • No eye strain to watch images such as those on smaller screens
  • Allows whole family a combined entertainment
  • Lots of utility features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, streaming services, and HDMI ports


  • Large TV screens whose resolution is small results in more visible pixels, hence poor image quality

What Differentiates a Good 50-Inch TV From a Bad One?

Brand Name

If you want your TV to last longer, provide better picture quality, and has a lot of utility features, make sure it comes from a reputed brand.

Image Quality

The image quality is another factor. With advances in television technology, you want to go for a TV that offers the best picture quality. HD has now been taken over by Full HD and 4K TVs.

Utility Features

For the best entertainment experience, you may want to add a couple more devices such as a surround sound or play games on a console. The best 50-inch TV will offer many HDMI ports.

High Refresh Rate

The refresh rate cannot be overlooked. Go for the TV which offers a refresh rate of close to 120 Hz.

Is It Worth Upgrading to a Larger Size or Going for a Better Quality Smaller Screen?

The answer to this question depends on the amount of money you could afford to spend.

If budget is not a concern for you, then there’s nothing like the image quality offered by the best, large-sized TVs.

Conversely, if you want a TV which provides the best value for money, go for the small screen.

What Is a Good Size TV?

A good size TV is one that offers the best viewing experience. There are many factors that determine the right size for a TV such as the distance between where you are sitting to where the TV is located.

Too close and you are likely to see the pixels making the image less clear.

The size of the room will also determine the size of the TV.

If you have a large living space, the bigger the screen size the better.

Also, mounting a big screen TV on a smaller room wall can give you a cinema-like experience.

How High Should a 50-Inch TV Be Mounted on a Wall?

Every living room is different and this is what makes giving a one-size-fits-all answer such a challenge.

However, the 50-inch TV should be mounted at an angle that is most comfortable.

Generally, the middle of the TV should be at eye level when sitting in your favorite chair.

What Is the Best Smart TV to Buy? Why Is It the Best?

The Panasonic TX-50EX700B 4K Ultra HD Smart TV is the best smart TV.

It provides 4K picture quality, has 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports, and you can stream videos from YouTube, Amazon Prime and Netflix.

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