10 Best Car Batteries

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Is 2020 the year you finally decide to replace that worn-out battery in your vehicle? If so, to help you our experts have reviewed 10 of the best car batteries you can buy.

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Like most things in life, batteries aren’t designed to last forever. Eventually, predictably on a cold winter morning, you’ll turn on the ignition and be greeted with the dreaded sound of an engine barely turning-over.

Modern cars put a huge strain on batteries with the sheer amount of power that’s needed for all the electronic equipment commonly fitted in today’s latest motors. Heated seats, climate control, computer entertainment systems, air conditioning, electronic stability… the list goes on, but they all need power.

Ensuring you have a fully functioning battery in good condition is vital to a healthy motor. The ability to keep charge and perform in all seasons is what we want out of a car battery, and once this is diminished it’s time to find a replacement. That’s where Only Reviews can help.

We got the views of mechanics from more than 30 garages, getting all the data we could about what are the best car batteries, what are the most important features, and what to look out for. We then spent over 70 hours testing 10 of the leading car battery models that you can find on the market.

Continue reading to find out more on the best car batteries of 2020, and which is the right battery for your vehicle. Be sure to use the vehicle reg checker on the vendor website to make sure the battery will fit and be compatible with your motor.

Bosch S5 Car Battery Type 096 Review – 100%

One of the pricier batteries on the list, the Bosch S5 is a sizeable battery, weighing in at just under 18kgs. But with that extra weight comes a powerful punch. With an advertised battery life of more than three times the average battery, the S5 certainly gives you your money’s worth.

Ready to go out of the box with minimal installation, the S5 also boasts a zero maintenance guarantee meaning once you’ve fitted the battery to your motor it is good to go for at least five years thanks to the generous warranty provided by Bosch.

This battery performs equally in both normal and extreme weather conditions. This means if you have a car that has struggled to start in the depths of winter this battery offers increased performances on those cold mornings thanks to the high CCA (Cold Cranking Amps). At 780, this is an above-average rating ensuring continued performance in freezing or snowy weather.

This battery is however not designed to work with cars and vehicles fitted with stop-start technology. If your vehicle has a standard engine and is confirmed as compatible, then we can highly recommend the S5 battery.

  • Long battery life compared to the average battery
  • Simple installation an no maintenance required
  • Designed for performance in extreme condition
  • Not compatible with stop/start technology based vehicles

Renogy 12V Lithium-Iron Phosphate Battery – 100%

This Renogy 12v battery is a popular battery for people to add to their cars or vans that have larger amounts of electrical equipment that requires a separate power source to their engine battery. Also capable of being used as a house battery, we must stress that this isn’t designed for your engine, but we included the Renogy as we understand batteries aren’t just for engines!

This is a premium battery, so thankfully the performance more than makes up for the high price. The Lithium Iron-Phosphate technology ensures this battery can supply a large quantity of electricity over a long period of time, allowing you to run several electrical products at once.

One drawback of the Renogy battery is the lack of protection from the negative effects of freezing temperatures whilst charging. With no built-in features to protect the battery and its components during sub-zero temperatures, this can lead to a completely dead battery or “bricking” of the battery.

With this in mind, it would be important to keep the battery stored somewhere where you can guarantee mild or warmer temperatures year, meaning it may not be suitable if your home or vehicle is stationed in a cold climate. Given the hefty price, we think it is disappointing that the battery doesn’t contain this feature.

  • Powerful and durable
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Can be used both for buildings and in specialist vehicles
  • Very expensive
  • No cold-charge protection

Yuasa YBX5096 High Performance Starter Battery – 100%

The Yuasa YBX5096 is a mid-range battery from a manufacturer that is known for producing quality batteries that are reliable with a long battery-life. Their entry into the cheaper end of the mid-range battery market is an impressive one, with the YBX offering great performance for the price.

Designed to be suitable for high-power vehicles, if you are lucky enough to own a motor with a larger engine that requires more power to operate, this could be the battery for you. With a guarantee of a maintenance-free life post-installation, the battery is also compatible with vehicles that provide a reading on the level of battery charge.

Whilst the battery has a number of impressive features, it must be stated that it is not suitable for vehicles fitted with stop-start technology which may explain the cheaper price. The battery also takes longer than higher-price models to charge from flat, but should still last for over 50,000 starts of your engine.

There have been reports of vehicles with exceptionally powerful engines reducing the lifespan of the battery to around a year. If you are in possession of a car with an engine size of around 3 litres of more, we recommend you look for a premium battery for the best performance and lifespan.

  • Great performance for the price
  • Suitable for low to mid power engines
  • Lasts for over 50,000 starts
  • Not-compatible with stop-start engines
  • Reduced battery life if used in very powerful engines

SuperBatt Type 100/096 Review – 96%

One of the best car batteries you can buy at the budget end of market is the SuperBatt TYPE 100/96. The two variants are designed for either petrol or diesel fuel engines, so ensure you choose the right one for your motor.

As this is a cheaper battery, we need to say from the outset that this battery will provide you with the best performance for the longest time if your engine size is under 2 litres. Numerous reports suggest that anything over this can reduce the life of this battery, which may make it more worthwhile to spend a little more on a higher spec battery.

However, if you need a quick battery replacement for a smaller engine then you could do worse than to look at the SuperBatt TYPE 100 or 96. Offering you several years of maintenance free usage, with what it called “Advanced Calcium Technology”, for your vehicle thanks to the 4 year warranty that’s included when you buy the product.

When the battery first arrived on our doorstep it was only charged to around 8.5V, rather than the full 12V advertised. As a result, we recommend giving this battery a good charge at first if you can, or going for a reasonable hour or so drive after installation to ensure a full charge.

Lastly, we noticed no issues when attempting to start our engine in cold conditions, making this an ideal all-season battery.

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Reasonable performance for the price
  • Equal performance in all conditions
  • Not suitable for medium to large size engines

Exide Eb740 Starter Battery 74 Ah Review – 92%

The Exide EB740 is another superb battery at the lower end of the budget scale. The battery arrived well packaged, on time, and had a well-made and high spec feel to it that you wouldn’t expect from a product at the cheaper end of the battery market.

For the price this battery provides great performance in cold weather thanks to a Cold Cranking Amp rating of 680 CCA. The power the battery provides in colder climates reflects this rating, with no noticeable difference in turning over the engine in either warm or cold temperatures.

As with most of the best car batteries featured in our review, the EB740 is another maintenance free battery that is ready to go and needs no further work after installation. It arrives pre-charged and will be able to get your motor turning over on the first try.

With many reports suggesting that Exide batteries regularly last for 5/6+ years, this is a great choice for of battery if it fits your vehicle, although bear in mind it may not be sufficient if you have a car with a large engine.

  • Powerful battery with good capacity
  • Strong cold weather performance
  • Solid all-round battery for all small to medium engine sizes
  • Reduced lifespan with high-spec engines

Bosch S4 Car Battery Type 063 Review – 92%

One of the cheaper batteries on the market, the Bosch S4 battery arrived with claims of lasting more than double the lifespan of comparably priced battery

The S4 is also able to fit and power most popular brands and makes of car, making it a potentially popular choice for motorists. Being maintenance free and with a promise of great longevity, this is a great option for those looking for a cheap and cheerful option for their new battery.

Installation is easy thanks to the S4’s built-in handle on the top. If you have traditionally had trouble installing batteries, or your battery is in a tricky to reach part of the engine, this handy design feature will certainly save you time and effort and should be a consideration.

Whilst not one of Bosch’s more premium batteries, the performance in both warm and cold starts is generally very good. Another feature worth noting is this battery is designed to be resistant to deep-cycles, which backs up the claims of the extra lifespan.

One negative to the S4 is that like most budget batteries it is not compatible with engines that use stop/start technologies, so you will need to look at a pricier alternative if this applies to your car.

  • One of the cheapest car batteries available
  • Great performance for the price
  • Long lasting battery that fits a wide range of vehicles
  • Not compatibile with stop/start technology

Yuasa YBX5075 Car Battery Review – 90%

We were big fans of the Yuasa YBX5075,  a medium sized heavy-duty car battery that requires no maintenance. The YBX is advertised as a premium specification battery, but priced at the budget end of the market.

Designed for more powerful engines and for various climates, we think this battery packs a powerful punch for the price. We also liked that it has calcium plates which makes it resistant to corrosion, which is always a worry with anything mechanical that goes through the hardship of something like an everyday car.

Another thing that we found with the battery is that it’s quite powerful, particularly in harsher temperatures. It has a high CCA which means we could easily start the battery in very cold weather without worry.

Additionally, we also liked the charge indicator on the battery, which is a great feature if your car doesn’t have a feature on the dashboard or in the on-board computer to warn about battery status.

Whilst not compatible with stop-start motors, this is another great option from Yuasa, but as always make sure it fits your car before purchasing.

  • Long lasting battery guaranteed for over 50,000 starts
  • Use of corrosion resistant technologies
  • Built-in battery charge indicator
  • Not stop/start compatible

Renogy 12V 100Ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle Pure Gel Battery – 86%

We found the Renogy 12V 100Ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle Pure Gel Battery to be quite powerful. We used it in place of a battery that had a hard time turning on the car. The Exide had no trouble at all igniting the car engine. This car battery also comes with a heavy-duty construction and we found that it was quite durable.

On the downside, it is a medium sized battery and may not fit all cars. The terminals are also widely set so it is important that you first take the measurements of your car battery box and terminals before getting one.

  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Quite powerful.
  • May not be the right size for your car.

Advanced 063 Car Battery 12v 45ah Review – 84%

We liked the design of the advanced 063. It is not very long and looks durable. The quality of the terminals was good and they seem like they are resistant to corrosion. We found them to be well set and very sturdy.

This car battery also comes with a center handle which makes it quite simple to carry. It is also not very heavy.

The downside is that it is quite small and may not fit well into most battery boxes. We found it best to take measurements of the original battery or the battery box before deciding on the purchase.

  • Strong sturdy terminals.
  • Durable construction.
  • A bit on the smaller side.

063 Powerline Car Battery 12V Review – 80%

What we immediately noticed with the Powerline was the size. It is not as large as the SuperBatt Type 100/096 which means that it can fit well on smaller cars. This is a compact battery and there is not much of a difference in size between the length and width.

We liked the construction as well. The terminals looked strong and sturdy and the exterior is made from very thick plastic. It also has a conveniently placed handle that made carrying the battery quite simple.

On the downside, its smaller size means that it is not the best for larger vehicles. This is also not the most powerful battery that we tested.

  • Comes in a smaller size.
  • Simple to carry.
  • High quality construction.
  • Not very powerful.

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