5 Best Calendar Clocks for the Elderly

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What is the best dementia clock? Browse helpful clocks for dementia and the best calendar clocks for the elderly below

Product reviews of the best calendar clocks

When reviewing calendar clocks for the elderly, we felt it was really important to consider the health conditions that can commonly affect this demographic, such as poor vision, problems with hearing, dementia and Alzheimer’s, and have spent 2 weeks investigating, testing and comparing 18 calendar clocks currently on the market to narrow this down to our top 5 picks.

Considering features such as the size of the display, the alarm and reminder functions, power source/battery life and ease of use, we found MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock to be arguably the best option for older users, due to its large display, 4 alarms and pleasant female voice reminder.

Another key factor that makes this clock stand out was the fact that it was initially used by professional nurses and before being later introduced to the general public, testifying strongly to it being a top quality, reliable product.

Medcenter Talking Alarm Clock Review – 100%


The MedCenter Talking alarm clock is used by professional nurses and is now available for anyone to purchase. It features upto 4 alarms a day that alert the user whenever it’s time to take their medication etc.

An added bonus is the fact that a pleasant female voice reminds the user of what medication to take.

The volume of the alarms can be easily adjusted, so even people who have their hearing severely impaired are able to hear it.

The numbers aren’t as big as some of the other models we’ve looked at and, in all fairness, the overall size of the clock is pretty small, which may make it not quite the right option for anyone struggling with their vision.

That being said, it still shows the time, date, and the day of the week clearly, and the talking system is optional and can be turned off if the user prefers it that way.


  • A talking alarm that serves a double purpose as a reminder
  • More options in different colors for extra easy use
  • Setting the alarm is pretty confusing
  • Pretty small and there are better options for people with impaired vision


La Crosse Full Calendar Clock Review – 100%


The La Crosse Calendar Clock is another ideal clock for the elderly people who have a hard time reading small numbers as it comes with extra large numbers that display both the time and day on the top of the clock.

This model’s style is also adjustable. If you prefer, you can set the clock to show the date or the room temperature along with the time.

Another great feature is the alarm that can be snoozed for ten minutes, and it can be kept either on a table or hung on a wall.


  • Easy & clear numbers/letters that can be seen from far away
  • Adjustable options – able to show the room temperature or the date
  • Doesn’t have a backlight and is hard to see in the dark
  • Short battery life


HeQiao Digital Wall Clock Review – 96%


The HeQiao Digital Wall Clock is an affordable and decent clock for the elderly.

It has all the features a regular clock has – large digits that show the time, two alarms with a snooze option, the date, the day of the week and the room temperature option available in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

It has an elegant silver colour and is powered by two standard AAA batteries, and it can be hanged on the wall so is a good space saver.


  • Great value for your moneyOn occasion it turned off for no reason and needed to be rebooted
  • The alarms aren’t very loud compared to alternative products
  • Giant numbers that can be seen from a distance
  • Not quite as elegant or stylish in appearance as competitor calendar clocks
  • It doesn’t stand on the table on its own, and some elderly users may not be able to hang it.


American Lifetime Extra Large Clock Review – 92%


This extra large clock from American Lifestyle features a great design and a fantastic, sturdy build.

The letters and numbers can easily be seen from across the room and it features a high resolution display which means it can be viewed from any angle.

The clock shows the time, day and what time of the day it is, as well as the date and the year.

It can be powered by either an adapter or batteries, and it also has 5 different alarms that can be set for different times of the day, which is a greater number than other models, so good for older users who need a few different reminders throughout the day.

  • Very clear numbers and letters that can be seen from across the room
  • Five different alarms – the highest of the 5 products we’ve tested.


    Timeless Innoclock Digital Clock Review – 90%


    The Timeless Innoclock has a really large number display for the time – in fact, the numbers are so large, you can easily see them from across the room!

    A great thing about this clock is that everything fits the screen quite well – users won’t have any trouble seeing the display, as it is specifically designed for the elderly and those with impaired vision.

    On top of that, there’s the 3-mode alarm function to remind users about their daily activities, such as medications and appointments etc.

    The menu is high-tech but still very user-friendly, which is an added bonus for anyone not particularly tech-savvy.


    • 3 mode alarm function
    • Fits everything in one screen that is visible from a far distance
    • The power is provided by an AC adapter without batteries available
    • Sometimes needs to be rebooted after it gets an error message


    Frequently asked questions

    What is the best calendar clock for the elderly?

    As people grow old, experiencing vision and hearing problems is very common and, unfortunately, completely normal – which is where a clock that’s easy to read and hear can really help!

    If we’re talking about problems with vision, then the right clock should have a display with large numbers and letters.

    For anyone whose hearing is impaired, then the same clock should have high volume alarms and reminders.

    If you’re looking for the best calendar clock for an elderly user, look for special features, including:

    • Large numbers and letters
    • Clear display
    • Loud alarm
    • Be simple and user-friendly
    • Voice notifications
    • Show the date, year, day of the week, time, and room temperature

    Based on the pointers above, The MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock is the best alarm for the elderly as it offers all the above options with a very friendly female voice reminder.

    How does a calendar clock work?

    Most modern calendar clocks are digital.

    The digital calendar clock works in the same way as a standard computer does.

    Depending on the style of the clock, it can be a full-screen showing digital calendar and clock together, or the date, the day and the time can be separated.

    But today’s clocks for the elderly can be much more than a basic timepiece, and can include a range of helpful features.

    Setting the time, date and day in some cases is done by large buttons and is easy to do.

    All clocks differ in some way and the setup is described in the user’s instructions manual.

    Some clocks have responsive screens and the set up is done by touching the controls on the screen, just like we do it on modern day smartphones.

    A calendar clock usually shows the time, the date, and the day of the week, and as well as a basic alarm function, they can be set up to give reminders on and day at any time.

    What’s the best clock for a dementia sufferer?

    People who suffer from dementia need their daytime to be in a strict order.

    That’s why the best dementia clock would be the one that has several different alarms that will remind the person what needs to be done at that exact time, such as meals, medications, appointments etc.

    Some of the calendar clocks featured in our testing sample have such a feature, so check out our in depth reviews for more info.

    What’s the best calendar clock for an Alzheimer’s sufferer?

    Alzheimer’s and dementia are very similar. The Alzheimer’s clock must remind people coping with this condition what needs to be done at a particular time of day.

    That’s why a clock with large numbers that show what time it is and several different alarm sounds are something that is most helpful in a clock for people that suffer from Alzheimer’s.

    We found that the MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock is a perfect fit for people suffering from either Alzheimer’s or dementia.

    It was primarily used by professional nurses and is now been made available to the general public.

    What’s the best clock that displays date, time and day?

    The Timeless Innoclock Digital Clock displays date, time and day with big numbers and letters which make it the best clock for these functions.

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